Friday, June 03, 2011

Meet the Romans in Serbia

My still un dug seat on the top of cop was equivalent to the Y51 seat at the Royal Opera House: very high up with restricted view. Looking down at the cop and behind half naked archaeologist unmoved by burning sun I could see Russell Crowe fighting feriocly for his freedom. Behind me was a green flat field with occasional glimpse of the Danube River whose bed moved through the centuries leaving behind rich archaeological site well preserved.

“We are standing at the top of the Amphitheater with capacity of 12000 seats” – the voice of enthusiastic guide wake me up.

We are at Viminacium, one of many Roman town and fortress in Serbia, not far from the capital city Belgrade. The Viminacium itself was the capital city of the Upper Moesia as well as the administrative, military and commercial centre until 582 when was destroyed by Avars. The city was on transition point between the West and East roman Empire at very interesting time when Rome capital was transferred to the East, the Constantinople, today Istanbul.

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