Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lost Roman Province of Occidentia-Part One

Jeff, one of my fellow excavators, noted the other day that the numbers of Americans and Canadians coming over to work at Vindolanda were really not surprising “because you have no archeology of your own”. He of course did not mean we had “no” archeology, there is quite a lot of Pre-Columbian history, and even the study of more recent times is a wide topic.

No, Jeff meant we had no Roman archeology. And in this my erudite friend was most atypically, incorrect.

We have a fair amount of Roman archeology here in North (and South) America. It just does not make much if any sense. Let me be clear. What I am going to undertake is a quick survey of Roman artifacts “found” in the New World. This will of necessity be a superficial look, if for no other reason than the scattered and often non scientific nature of the find data.

In trying to make some sense of this jumble I divide the data into three groups.

  • The explainable
  • The dubious
  • The enigmatic

Let’s start out with a few Roman artifacts that make sense.

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