Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is Gadhafi hiding arms at Leptis Magna?

CNN reported Tuesday morning that NATO "refuses to rule out" bombing Roman ruins at Libya's Leptis Magna, if it turns out that Moammar Gadhafi is hiding weapons there (as rebels claim). More from CNN:

"We will strike military vehicles, military forces, military equipment or military infrastructure that threaten Libyan civilians as necessary," a NATO official in Naples told CNN, declining to give his name in discussing internal NATO deliberations.

But he said the alliance could not verify rebel claims that Libya's leader may be hiding rocket launchers at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna, a Roman city between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held Misrata.

What is -- or was -- Leptis Magna? According to UNESCO, the site was home to "one of the most beautiful cities of the Roman Empire," whose port alone was "one of the chefs d'oeuvre of Roman technology."

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