Monday, June 20, 2011

‘Inspired’ and inspiring

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is celebrating its 19th anniversary. While that is a substantial number in museum years, it is a drop in the proverbial ocean in the context of the collection that it houses. Spanning the history of civilization from 5000 BCE to 600 CE, the museum contains thousands of artifacts from this region that chronicle the dawn of history to the early Christian era.

Founded by Elie and Batya Borowski, the museum was built to enshrine Elie’s massive collection of antiquities and share it with the public. Impressively catalogued and impeccably displayed, the artifacts range from ancient implements, household vessels, seals and ritual objects to jewelry, mosaics and stone statuettes and sculptures. A walk through the museum is a walk through time itself.

“We are different from other museums in the world in that we present a chronological journey through history,” says museum director Amanda Weiss.

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