Monday, June 06, 2011

How Would the Etruscans Have Approached Panda?

If you have been dealing with falling pageviews since Google's algorithm and Panda changes, you may wonder what to do to regain your website's visitors. No clear techniques seem to be emerging, so might I suggest looking to the ancients for guidance? Do you know what the Etruscans would have done?

They would have used Haruspicy and when they cut opened a sacrificial animal, they might have performed Extispicium. Romans, who learned much about the prophetic arts from the Etruscans, looked to signs from the gods and practiced Augury. In Greece, if it was the 7th day after the New Moon, people might have asked the Delphic Oracle for advice inspired by Apollo, provided it was one of the right nine months of the year.

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