Friday, June 03, 2011

Greek and Roman armies in Northern Balkans

This is a conference very close to my research interests. I would have liked to participate. Is anyone else going?

Call for Proposals – Annual Conference of the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, Sinaia, Romania, 20-22 September 2011. Section IV c. WORKSHOP “Greek and Roman Armies in Northern Balkans : Conflicts and Integration of the Warrior Communities, Vth c. B.C.- IIId c. A.D. “

This workshop is part of the research project “Warrior Structures and Exchanges between ancient Balkan Peoples”, Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, Bucharest University, Archaeological Institute of Tirana, University of Paris IV Sorbonne, UMR 8167 “East and Mediterranean “. The first workshop on this subject was hold in Bucharest in Sept. 2010 and the proceedings for 2010 will be published in the journal Dacia, Revue d’archéologie et d’histoire ancienne, 55 (2011).

Strabo, in the seventh book of his Geography, distinguished as a coherent geographical set the regions located “between the Adriatic and the left part of the Euxine, separate from the first [ie other areas of northern and Eastern Europe] by the Ister and go south to Greece and Propontis” (Strabo, VII, 1, 1). We propose here to consider the consistency of this whole Balkan area, in terms of military relations between the peoples of the Balkans and the Greeks and the Romans, between the fifth century B.C. and the third century A.D.

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