Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Germany 1 Italy 0

I mentioned over on my Historical Model site , about Mike Anderson's blog, where he details Rome’s greatest ever military defeat, inflicted in 9 AD deep within the German Teutoburg Forest.
Those here may wish to
use this link to take a look, as he's got some great birds eye view photos showing the areas where the action took place.
Contrary to popular belief, the ambush took place over the course of several days and not just one, with the 3 Roman legions, their accompanying auxiliary troops, camp followers, servants, traders and large baggage train, all trying in vain to fight their way clear of the series of running ambushes and attacks made by the German tribesmen.
Also new evidence found in the area has shed new light on the type of armour worn at that time by the Roman Legionary. The Lorica Segmentata armour had always been thought to have been introduced after 9 AD, with the Legionary only wearing a simple chain mail shirt.
However, some sets of the more advanced Lorica Segmentata armour have been found, indicating that the Roman army was already starting to change its equipment much earlier than had previously been thought.

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