Monday, June 06, 2011

Cleopatra Lecture at Sierra College, CA

Since her death in 30 BC, the image of Cleopatra VII, last queen of Egypt, has been re-imagined and re-shaped, in large measure reflecting the time and culture that produced these divergent images. To the Romans of her era, she was a sexual temptress who led good men astray; to the medieval Chaucer, the model of a good wife; to Shakespeare, the heroine of a memorable love story; to Renaissance artists, a helpless (usually nude and swooning) victim; to twentieth century film-makers, a beautiful and playful coquette.

Who was this most famous woman of antiquity? Professor Charlayne Allan will guide us through an illustrated lecture to explore the reality and dispel some of the myths that surrounded Cleopatra–even in her own lifetime.

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