Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Christian War Against Paganism - Part One

The West has been Christian for so long that we've forgotten that Christianity is a fundamentally alien religion, a Near Eastern mystery cult that was imposed on the pagans of Europe through a long, violent process of political repression, mass conversion and what can only be described as a war of cultural genocide. This war--a fanatical attack on classical polytheism, our true religion--went on for centuries and transformed the Western mind through a long process of attrition as generation after generation of former pagans grew up under the sign of the cross.

The barbarians became Christians, the past was forgotten and Christian morals and mythology spread through the culture to such an extent that a majority of Americans still identify themselves as Catholic or Protestant. The church as it exists today is just a pale reflection of the vigorous, militant religion that existed centuries ago, but where did that religion come from and how was it imposed on the West?

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