Friday, June 24, 2011

BIN11: Day Fourteen

Sunshine and showers today. We were badly down on numbers and the site was not in good condition due to the rain, nonetheless, we still got a good day's work done today. The camera crew were out againand a number of us were interviewed about the project (the picture shows Rob Collins being interviewed by Alice Roberts).

There was a lot more basic planning and recording in both trenches, but there was also some excavation. In Trench 2 work continued on one of the robber trenches, whilst we continued to slowly dismantle one of the stone-lined pits. Meanwhile on Trench 1 the big pit continued to be excavated (when I wasn't standing in it being filmed) and a number of the newer pits to the east and north of the barrack were recorded. We also began an area of excavation on the rampart, trying to assess the point where the cobbles and the ramparts met - not easy in the mud.

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