Monday, June 20, 2011

Ancient Roman Reenactment Promotes Cultural Heritage of Northwest Bulgaria

A two-day conference on the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria's northwest region gathered scholars and experts in the city of Montana. The event, held June 16-17, was the second of its kind within a week, and was organized by the Buditel Curcle non-profit organization at the initiative of Montana's Municipal Governor, Ivaylo Petrov.

The forum was aimed at drawing the attention of state authorities and scholarly circles to the use of historical and cultural monuments for the development of the tourist sector in the region.

The Buditel Circle, an organization dedicated to the preservation, development, promotion and research of Bulgaria's cultural, historical and intellectual achievements, has already organized two conferences of this kind in Vidin, according to Prof. Plamen Pavlov, Chairman of the not-for-profit entity.

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