Monday, May 30, 2011

Volunteers will help unearth answers to Maryort Roman mysteries

Excited volunteers are gearing up for a major Roman dig at Maryport to shed more light on an age-old mystery.

AT THE READY: Dig volunteers Graham Ryan, from Beckfoot, John Murray, from Beckfoot, and Andy Long, from Maryport. Next month, 28 volunteers from all over West Cumbria will help excavate an area near to the town’s Senhouse Roman Museum, where a unique cache of 17 Roman altars was discovered in 1870.

It is thought the altars were buried in pits but no one knows when, why or by whom. Jane Laskey, Senhouse Roman Museum curator, said: “There is this huge mystery around these altar stones. Were they buried? Was there something else going on? Why were they buried? We need to untangle all that information.

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