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Uxellodunum the renowned stronghold where the Gallic troops, many of whom had escaped from Julius Caesar and his legions at the siege of Alesia, fought the last battle for the independence of Gaul.

The surrender of Alesia in 52 BC was followed by the submission of almost all the tribes of Gaul. Their chief, Vercingetorix, was taken prisoner but Gaul was not yet reduced to powerlessness. The vanquished Gauls reestablished themselves very quickly and decided to attack the Romans from then on in small groups and at several points at the same time. Caesar had to fight successively the Biturges (Berry), the Carnutes (around Orléans), the Bellovaques (around Beauvais), the Trévires (Belgium) and, finally, the Pictons, who were massacred in the region of Lemonum (Poitiers) where over 12,000 Gauls were killed.

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