Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Those who are about to die salute you! – A Centurion in Jerash

Jerash, JordanJerash
For me, one of the unexpected treasures of Jordan was Jerash. Unbelievably, this historic site has been inhabited by human beings for over 6,500 years! So it was no surprise to find a Roman Centurion still hanging around the place ;) They put on a fun show in the hippodrome in Jerash that includes a demonstration and explanation of how the Roman legions fought, a gladiator exhibition, and even a chariot race.

I’m still working on all the fun photographs from Jordan and while I was finishing the edit of the Jerash images, I came upon this one shot of the soldier, and felt the urge to work on it immediately. I remember as a kid being absolutely enthralled with the Roman Empire. I guess it all started with reading Asterix comics written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. I’m pretty sure that most children in any part of the French speaking world have read Asterix and Tintin comics. In fact, we were given the books to read by our teachers in grade school here in Quebec. Comics in class? How cool is that?

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