Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sergila ..A Distinguished Ancient Syrian Village Sample

Pyramid tomb in the 'Dead City' of Al-Bara (Syria)Pyramidal Tomb at al Bara
Sergila archeological village lies next to al-Bara village on al-Zawia Mountain in Idleb Province, about 330 km from Damascus. It is one of a group of archaeological nearby villages that are preserved in a good state. These villages give a true image of the countryside in the Northern part of Syria between the Byzantine and the Roman periods. Sergila has got various buildings, houses, churches, bathrooms and olive squeezers.

Secretary of Idleb Museum Fajer Haj Mohammd said the building style in the village consists of three main parts: the inhabitance part, the work part and the yard which is surrounded by a fence, adding that all the houses in the village consist of two stories. Haj Mohammed pointed out that the houses have a functional role as the ground floor is used as storehouses, stables and olive squeezers, while the upper floor is dedicated for inhabitance.

He indicated that the oldest house in the village dates back to the end of the 2nd century A.D. as the poor farmers cultivated the lands surrounding the village and adopted the 'self-sufficient economy' through mixing farming with breeding livestock, in addition to oil industry.

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