Monday, May 30, 2011

Roman Treasures Found in Provence

The French brocante offers more than disregarded dusty old things from someones attic, it offers more than hopeful boxes of disheveled, could be treasures. The French brocante is not just a place to find unbeatable prices, or the chance to find a Picasso. It is a living museum with touch-able history, where you can be the digger in the archaeological site, and best of all there is "take home".

Last weekend at the brocante my cousin Robin, French Husband and I met a dealer who specialized in Roman artifacts. The dealer has been collecting for years, he started selling not so long ago. His stand was full of rare, interesting pieces... he freely shared his knowledge and stories. I felt like a sponge, soaking up every word. I think I must have asked two thousand questions, mostly: "What is this?"

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