Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Roman Gask Project

The Roman Gask Project, run by Liverpool University, will this year conduct two large geophysical surveys of Roman forts. The first, in July, is at Malling Fort in Stirling, and the second, in the autumn, will examine Inchtuthil legionary fortress. Each is free, and includes food and accommodation.

The fort lies on the shore of the Lake of Menteith, west of Stirling. It has been known from the air for decades but no surface archaeological work has ever been done and we know remarkably little about it. We thus plan to conduct a large scale geophysical survey (resistance and magnetic) to provide a more detailed picture. This will cover the entire fort, along with parts of its immediate surroundings, to look for external activity and to look at parts of two Roman temporary camps that have also been detected from the air.

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