Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Pantheon: Hadrian’s giant sundial

In our exploration of how the divine men of Classical Antiquity were conjured into existence, we have treated various facets of the life and reign the man who became the Emperor Hadrian. Our most direct approaches are:

  1. Hadrian’s parody
  2. Hadrian’s perverted insanity
  3. The Gospels According to Hadrian (part one)
  4. The Gospels of Hadrian Part II: Death on the Nile
  5. The Gospels According to Hadrian, Part III: The Aelian Canon and the Main Hand of God
In short, we see Hadrian as the instigator of the Second and Third Jewish-Roman Wars with the resultant destruction of Second Temple Judaism, and as primarily responsible for the production of the earliest books of what later became the New Testament.
Hadrian was, from his earliest days, a Grecophile and one manner in which this became most evident is his treatment of Helios worship in Roman form – Sol, the sun.

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