Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Basilica of Aquileia

Basilica di AquileiaBasilica of Aquileia
In the year 181 BCE Roman Senate wanted to set a strategic base for shipments to maintain control of the Alps. So Aquileia was established and after he became an important trading center in Italy and flourished and their crafts, workshops, art and sculpture.

Aquileia, a town in the province of Udine in the Friuli Venezia Giulia, has been one of the most important sites of Christianity since the third century which is demonstrated in the impressive Basilica of the city. In the main square, Piazza Capitol that is big and colorful, this is a basilica and its eleventh-century tower of white stone. This basilica is the only surviving part of a huge complex built by Bishop Teodoro for Christians in the city of Aquileia, and to this day is used for religious services. Its interior is very spacious, with columns showing the way to the vault decorated with frescoes.

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