Thursday, May 19, 2011

Archaeology of the ‘Great and the Good’

The meaning of ‘Good’ as in Chrest Magus and the Jesus Chrest of theurgy and the canonical gospels has been puzzling me since my colleague and I began to treat artefacts of Classical Antiquity containing this term.

  1. Archaeology of Chrest
  2. Chrestians and the lost history of Classical Antiquity
  3. Chrest Magus
Neither the accepted definition of Chrest/Good, nor its etymology provide an adequate explanation. Study of the context in which this term is used has, fortunately, led me to this understanding of Chrest/Good: the great and the good. Chrest/Good equates ‘Good’ with power in a political, authoritarian sense.

When ‘Chrest’ is used in magic – such as exorcism – it is to command. ’Chrest’ is also a royal title and is used in the gospels also in the same, titular style. In no occasion is ‘Chrest’ used as a synonymn for good morality or ethics: it does not mean, nor is it used for ‘of good morality’.

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