Monday, May 23, 2011

Advertisement: Online studying

In this fast moving world, you will find here some examples of online studying in the United States:

1- Several courses on this website:
This site proposes several online degrees ranging from Art and Design to Science and Engineering, Education and teaching and so on. The site is graphic friendly and very easy to use.

2- Most interesting is this course MFA in Museum Exhibition, Planning and Design:
The program addresses the conceptualization, research, organization, design and production of museum exhibits and educational presentations utilizing a variety of techniques and media. Students studying for a master's degree in Museum Exhibition, Planning and Design also explore exhibit programming, evaluation and management methods applicable in a wide range of museum situations.
This program lasts two years and has 60 credits program. The fist year is aimed at conceptual development, materials, methods acquiring while the second year is more factual with a thesis project and an internship.
The admission requirements are: a Bachelor degree in industrial, graphic, interior or architectural design (although not mandatory), an acceptable level of professional accomplishment.
Interesting also is that the University has partnership with museums…
But there is only nine entrants per year.
More information can be found at University of theArts

3- Most of all information concerning tuitions can be found at:
The National Center For Education Statistics College Navigator
This is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.